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Our pigeon hunts take place in Santiago del Estero, one of the provinces in Argentina with the greatest population of pigeons. The fields are approximately twenty to forty-five minutes away from the lodge. The hunts take place in various grain fields and feed lots. There is a limit of 200 pigeons per hunter per day. We are constantly scouting the area to insure that every hunter has a successful hunt. Pigeons are hunted over decoys to maximize the opportunity of reaching one’s limit. The pigeon hunt typically starts around early mid-morning and runs until mid to late afternoon. Lunch is served in the field to increase hunting time since pigeons, unlike doves, are very unpredictable in their behavior. Each hunter is assigned a “bird boy” to tend to their needs while in the field.

April 15 to October 15

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$600 per person/day in Santiago del Estero.

$350 per/day for Non – Hunters


*All Cost is based on double occupancy (Minimum of 4 hunters). Single occupancy at additional charge –

Group of less than 4 hunters, Please contact us for Rates.


  • Flights to and from Argentina.

  • Non Hunters, $350 USD per day per person.

  • Hunting license, $200.00 USD per hunter.

  • Shells $23.00 USD per box (25 shells per box)*

  • Gun rental $70.00 USD per day, per hunter

  • Tips,  bird boys, $50 per day per hunter. Lodge staff $50 per day, per hunter.


  • Gun permits $150 USD per gun; you may bring up to 3 guns per person.

*Shells price are subject to change without notice



  • All accommodations, meals, wine and assorted beverages.

  • All ground transportation.

  • English speaking host.

  • Guides, drivers, full staff and bird boys.

  • Open bar with local wines and liquor

  • Boats & Decoys.

Recommended Gear for a Pigeons hunting trip:

  • Shorts and/or Long pants

  • Long and/or short-sleeve shirts in camouflage patterns or dark green

  • Light hunting boots

  • Ear plugs

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun screen 

  • Insect repellent 

  • Shooting gloves

  • Shoulder pads 

  • Shell pouch 

  • Gun cleaning kit

  • Wide brim hat or cap 

  • Light rain gear 

  • Please note that after June and until mid October, it is winter time in Argentina, you will need warm clothes

Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING
Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING
Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING
Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING
Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING
Argentina Pigeon Hunt/ HP WINGSHOOTING


Our Guests say

"I have been coming to Argentina for 30 years,and this is the best hunt we have ever had.  Three days of ducks , more than 140 per day, and pigeons well over 200 per man per day. 

I can highly recommend HP Wingshooting for a super well organized hunt."


DDS, 28 Bellevue Ave , Cambridge , 'Md, 21613

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